IA Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel (32oz)

Infinite Abundance Sea Moss

IA Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel (32oz)

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Our golden raw sea moss is wildcrafted and sustainably harvested from the Caribbean. Founder of Infinite Abundance Foods, Chef Shi, has been incorporating this powerful superfood into her culinary work since studying the late and great Dr. Sebi. Now more than ever, the world has shifted it's focus toward health, and IAFoods is so excited to be a channel for wellness with Electric Sea Moss!

Our Wildcrafted Sea Moss comes from St. Lucia. We thoroughly clean it, soak it, then blend to perfection with naturally alkaline spring water! Our gel is solid yet fluffy and easily dissolvable. We make sure that every jar is packed with sea moss so that each spoonful is packed with benefits.


Healthy Gut

Thyroid Support

Aids in Weight Loss

Boosts Metabolism

Supports Heart Health

Energy Booster

Boost Mental Health

Post workout recovery 





Increases Circulation


Immune System Booster

Varicose Veins

Natural Decongestant (dissolves Phlegm/Mucous)

Nourishes Skin (treats Eczema/Burns/Acne)

Relieves Asthma & Bronchitis, and many other Lung/Respiratory Issues

Sore joints + tissue health

AntioxidantHalitosis/Teeth/Oral Health

Soothes Ulcers & Digestive Tract

Recovery from Cancer Treatment (As a Detox for Radiation Poisoning)

Supports Sex Drive (Increases Libido in men & women)...and so much more!


Sea moss contains 92 of 102 trace minerals that are essential for our bodies to thrive. Because it is almost tasteless and odorless it is perfect to use as a nutritious kick starter in any beverage to boost your energy and brighten your day. Sea moss provides the body with Vitamin A, B Vitamins, C, D, E and K. It contains calcium, collagen, iodine, beta-carotene, bromine, iron, magnesium, manganese, pectin, protein, sulphur compounds, selenium, and zinc along with many other nutrients.

There's More!

All these minerals support your body's daily functions! Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help with constipation, chest congestion, digestive disorders, heartburn, and ulcers. It can also assist in treating depression, anxiety, and even ADD. It helps to remove mucus from the body and supports thyroid health. It is also a great component for aiding in weight loss.

Skin & Beauty ~

Our Electric Sea Moss can also be applied topically! Sea moss has been shown to used to alleviate symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and in general, sunburn and chapped skin. The silica content is a great way to keep your hair, skin, and nails looking great from the inside out. You could add it to your favorite clay mask, or simply apply the gel as a mask. You can even add some of your favorite essential oils!

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